Print-on-demand fabric and custom-made products cannot be returned for a change of mind. If there are faults in your fabric or products please contact us directly.

Due to the nature of natural fibres, your fabric may have slight imperfections such as knots or slubs, these are not an imperfection in the printing process.  On occasion, dirt marks and small holes are present within the role of fabric and are a result of the milling process. 

Various, unavoidable circumstances may cause slight imperfections in the print job when printing on a natural fibre. Faults totalling 3% of the print job are considered acceptable and not grounds for re-printing at the printer’s expense. Please discuss major printing faults that deem the fabric un-usable with us directly. If it is agreed that APPLiK will re-print the job at their expense, the faulty print job must be entirely returned before re-printing.