Artwork Requirements

It’s easy to upload your design files to Applik. But before you do, let’s go over all the requirements we need to make sure you get the perfect print.

File Types

No larger than 5MB. You can retain quality with a smaller file size. Ask your designer how.

Applik File Types

File Size

No larger than 5MB. You can retain quality with a smaller file size. Ask your designer how.


Colour Profile

Full colour printing must be CMYK

(i.e. no RGB, Pantone or Spot Colours)



Between 150dpi and 300dpi. Please be aware that increasing files to a larger scale can distort the artwork and have a less than desirable print quality.


If you need to check to see if your artwork will be scaled correctly, you can access our online scale.

Scale up your artwork with Applik

Seamless patterns

When your print is repeated with no visible edges, this is seamless printing. If your artwork doesn’t repeat seamlessly, it creates visible areas where patterns do not match up or are incomplete. 

We only require one seamless repeatable tile from you, we will create the length and width of the print using that tile.

Design flaws

Occasionally we get designs with  flaws. These flaws can be lines, outlines of objects, outline of the tile, repeat match up errors and elements that should have been removed or layers that should have been hidden.  These errors may not be visible on a test swatch. For example, if your repeat size is 25cm x 25cm, an 20cm x 20cm test swatch won’t show the edges of your repeat. 

To ensure those who order your designs don’t get a flawed print, it’s best to check for mismatched repeats or lines in the design. These lines can be blank, white, or a different shade of the background colour breaking the repeat of your design. Typically it happens along the edges of the design, making it harder to find. You are responsible for providing print ready artwork. Please double check your artwork and send it to your designer if you find any flaws.



Due to many variations, we cannot match colours perfectly. We can get close though. Our printing process is CMYK and is calibrated to our profiles. It is recommended that you purchase a test print of your print on the fabric of your choice to check the colours prior to placing your production order. 

Please be aware that the colour on your computer screen isn’t the same as what is printed onto fabric.

White as a colour cannot be printed. Any areas in the image that are white will be the colour of the fabric.

If you have black in your design and you need it to be a rich black, ensure that all four CMYK options are used as follows: C=45%, M=45%, Y=45%, K=100%. 

NB: For very fine details such as small text or lines, only K can be set to 100%.


Uploading your artwork

Once you have ensured you have followed our artwork specifications, your artwork is ready to be uploaded. 

Upload options are:

  • Via our website CLICK HERE
  • Via email CLICK HERE
  • Via a file sharing service like Dropbox, google drive or we transfer. Just send us the link 

Once your artwork has been uploaded and we have all your order details, you will be invoiced. You can see our printing process here. 

Other things to keep in mind


When working with fabric it is important to remember that natural fibres are expected to shrink when initially washed and care needs to be taken during subsequent washes to avoid further shrinkage.  Shrinkage occurs on the warp and the weft of the fabric (that is to say, both directions of the fabric).   

Shrinkage of 6% to 7% is to be expected and allowed for when ordering fabric.  


Caring for your fabric 

Unless otherwise stated, the following care instructions are recommended for APPLiK digitally printed fabrics:.

  • Hand wash or gentle machine wash in cold water with lowest spin cycle
  • Dry in the shade (in-side-out if possible)
  • Do not rub, wring, bleach or tumble dry
  • Iron on the reverse side
  • It is preferable to use phosphate-free washing detergent


The charm of natural fibres 

Due to the nature of natural fibres, your fabric may have slight imperfections such as knots or slubs, these are all part of the charm of natural textiles and not an imperfection in the printing process.  

On occasion, dirt marks and small holes are present within the role of fabric and are a result of the milling process. 



There are various, unavoidable circumstances that may cause slight imperfections in the print job when printing on a natural fibre. Faults totaling 3% of the print job are considered acceptable and not grounds for re-printing at the printer’s expense. 


Please discuss major printing faults that deem the fabric un-usble with APPLiK directly. If it is agreed that APPLiK is to re-print the job at their expense, the faulty print job is required to be returned in its entirety prior to re-print taking place.  


Printing faults are the only faults that will be considered for re-printing at APPLiK’s expense